Where is Destination JUMP! located?

We are located at 39 Leslie Court Whippany, NJ 07981. Just off of Rt. 10 (Algonquin Parkway) and one traffic light from Ridgedale Avenue.

Our phone number is 973-841-7000.

Do you have private parties?

Yes -- we ONLY have private parties! Destination JUMP! is one of the only children’s venues in the area to offer 100% private party. The private and exclusive nature of your event is one more thing that separates Destination JUMP! from other children’s entertainment venues

Do you have Internet Wi-Fi available?

Yes, we offer FREE Wi-Fi for your computer or device.

Does Destination JUMP! rent inflatables?

No. We are strictly an indoor facility and do not rent our inflatables. They are permanently mounted to the floor and state inspected for your safety.

Can I have more than one Guest of Honor?

Of course!  We're the perfect venue for twins, triplets or friends sharing a birthday celebration.We charge an additional $15 per additional guest of honor for the extra gift, throne, hurricane ride, etc...

How many guests can I invite?

The maximum number of children is 30. We may be able to accommodate more kids but please call to discuss, particularly if you plan on having a large number of adults. For your comfort, parties with more than 30 guests are encouraged to reserve the entire facility. Ask us about pricing for rental of the entire facility.

Is the party a private party?

Yes, we are one of the only children’s venues in the area to offer 100% private party. No other parties are allowed into your arena or party room. The private and exclusive nature of your event is one more thing that separates Destination JUMP! from other children’s entertainment venues.

Does Destination JUMP! provide invitations?

Yes we do. We offer FREE full-color invitations as part of your 100% PRIVATE birthday party package. Please come and pick them up at any time.

How early should we arrive before our party?

Arriving 10-15 minutes before your party is completely adequate.

How should guests dress for the Destination JUMP! activities?

Our PRIVATE adventure arenas are climate controlled so you should be comfortable. However your private party will be an active event, so dress in casual and comfortable clothing, but remember to WEAR SOCKS! You'll be sliding, jumping, bouncing, and having a lot of fun, so dress accordingly.

Will Destination JUMP! help us during our party?

Absolutely! You will be assigned your own team of Destination JUMP! Party Hosts that will help with the check- in procedure, be available for any questions during the party, help with your pizza and cake and will also help carry your presents out to your car!

Can I bring themed decorations?

Yes, The Destination JUMP! staff will assist in decorating the party room for you while you are in the arenas. Helium balloons are not allowed without weights, as they can clog the air intake systems. Please do not tape or thumbtack any decorations to the wall.

Do I need to stay at the party?

The parent(s) of the birthday party child must stay and the other parents are welcome to stay and enjoy the fun.

Does Destination JUMP! help with the set-up and clean-up of the party room?

That’s our job! We will set up the entire room and clean up after you leave. The Destination JUMP! experience is designed to insure that YOU enjoy your special occasion along with your guests!

What is the appropriate age for Destination JUMP! participants?

Destination JUMP! participation is normally determined by size and maturity more than age. However, the suggested age of the active participants is two (2) two years old and up as long as they meet the state mandated height requirement of 34". Please note that each ride has a different height requirement. Several rides are 34" and 36" and some are 39" and 42". No child or adult is allowed without a signed waiver.

Do I have to know my head count and other options when I reserve my party?

No. We will call you about 4-5 days before your scheduled party date to confirm your head count. You can place an order for food and other add-ons at that time.

How long is the party?

Our parties are all 2 Hours long -- longer than most other venues.

Is the Birthday child counted towards the total number of participants?


Who do we consider a participant?

Any child that plays, eats pizza, ice cream cake, drinks beverage, and gets a goodie bag is considered a participant...regardless of their height.

Are adults counted towards the total number of participants?

Guardians/parents are not counted towards the total. We do ask however that you consider the total number of guests (including adults) when considering how many guests will be comfortable in the party rooms. Please call us to discuss if you have any questions about the number of guests that our party rooms will accommodate.

When should I book my Destination JUMP! birthday party?

As soon as possible! It is not uncommon for us to sell out 6 to 8 weeks in advance. We recommend booking at least two months before to be sure you get your preferred time slot. However, we always do our best to accommodate last-minute party requests. Please note that weekends book up quickly. We offer weekday birthday parties at a lower cost. You can book your party online at any time.

How do I reserve a birthday party at Destination JUMP!?

Reservations for our PRIVATE birthday parties can be made online, you can call us at 973-841-7000 or you can stop by. We require a $100 non-refundable deposit when making reservations for parties. The balance of your birthday party will be due the day of your party.

How will I know you received my e-reservation?

We will send you a confirmation via email immediately after booking your time slot.

What happens if more children than the party allows come to the party?

Our party rooms hold up to 30 children. An additional fee is charged for each child over your party packages number of included guests. No more than 30 children are allowed (depending on the total number of guests expected in the party room) to ensure that everyone is comfortable and has plenty of room for fun.

What form of payment does Destination JUMP! accept?

We accept cash, Visa, Discover and Master Card as payment options.

Are deposits refundable?

Deposits may be applied to a different party date if the party is cancelled at least one month (30 days) prior to the scheduled party date.

Can I bring in food or drinks?

Destination JUMP! does not allow any outside food or beverages to be brought in to the facility with the exception of bottled water, cake, or cupcakes. If a child has a food allergy, outside food may be brought in for that child only.

How much are additional pizzas?

$14.50 for each additional pizza and $1.50 for each extra topping.

Can we order additional pizza the day of the party?

For your convenience, we will contact you prior to the party to discuss your menu. Given the precise scheduling of our parties, we cannot guarantee that any food order changes made the day of the party can be fulfilled.

Can I order food for the adults other than pizza?
Does Destination JUMP! provide supervision?

Our staff members oversee the play area to ensure that children are obeying the rules and jumping safely. We do require a parent or assigned guardian to be present unless it is during an organized program designed for you to leave your children with us.

Are the inflatables safe for babies?

No! We have a 34" minimum height requirement on most of the inflatable rides. We offer plenty of "little one" alternatives while here - come check it out! Children under 24" are FREE at Open Jumps when accompanied with a paying sibling.

Are socks required to Jump?

Yes. Socks are required for the guests’ safety in the arena while they are jumping and bouncing. We also have socks to purchase in case someone forgets their socks.

How do I know your facility is clean?

We pride ourselves on maintaining a clean, germ-free facility and have strict cleaning guidelines for our employees to follow after each and every event and at night before we close. We have hand sanitizers located in each party room, check-in area and each bathroom. We also have a professional cleaning company that cleans our facility each week.

What are your safety rules?

Our Destination JUMP! Adventure Zones are designed for exciting parties in a safe environment. Rule number one is to have fun but listen to the Destination JUMP! Party Hosts and adhere to the safety rules at all times. No bare feet allowed – socks required at all times. No shoes on play structures & bouncers. No food, gum or beverages allowed in the jump & play arena areas. Absolutely no running, pushing or pulling. We recommend removal of jewelry while bouncing. Destination JUMP! reserves the right to refuse admission, and require any individual who refuses to obey Destination JUMP!'s safety rules to leave the facility. In such cases, refunds will not be provided.