The Ultimate Destination Deluxe Party

(Up to 15 Guests*)

Included in Package:
80 Minutes of Jumping, Climbing, and Games! (100% private)
Your private party gets exclusive use in both of our Jump Arenas featuring obstacles courses, giant inflatable slides, huge interactive games, climbing challenges, and sport skill stations!
40 Minutes in your Private Party Room
Our Party Rooms are the largest around—and yours for 40 minutes at the ultimate party destination!
Free QuadAir® Hockey
Every party comes with FREE 4-sided air hockey by QuadAir®-the newest and BEST air hockey around. 4 friends play and only the best survive!
Full Color Invitations
Each party receives full color, hard stock invitations for your guests. They’re gorgeous!
Party Hosts
Designated Party Hosts are assigned to your party to take care of all the details so you can enjoy the day as much as the Guest of Honor. You don’t do anything!
Food & Refreshment Included
We provide an adult slice of pizza for each guest participant and 3 bottles of refreshment (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fruit Punch, or Lemonade) for each party.
Party Goods
Every party comes complete with paper & plastic goods, tablecloths, and even the CANDLES are included! We provide a festive atmosphere-with state of the art music and lighting systems-play your music or ours.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday & School Breaks$429
Tuesday-Thursday (excluding school breaks)$389
$14.95 each additional guest up to 30.
  • For groups larger than 30 guests, please call about our double party room option or renting our entire facility.
  • Signed Waiver & socks are required to play.
Gratuities are welcome and appreciated.

Contact Us ...

Please call us if you have any questions about booking a party or participating in an open jump.